Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WANTED!!!!! ( Blue blazer)

Inspired by:

I was thinking about what I miss in my wardrobe. Do you ask what is it?
 Blue blazer? Yes, it is. Do you ask why?
Because blue colour is very beautiful and very chic this season.
And blazer is comfortable, stylish and combinable with many garments from your wardrobe.
Blazer is also supertemporal. 
Do you have one at least? You know, what I mean.
Buy one piece and you never regret it.
Thank you for reading.
xoxo Your Barbora


  1. I`ve been searching for a blue blazer for such a long time! haven`t found it yet :(xx

  2. There are few beautiful things in the world :D

  3. OOOO i want a blazer now :) haha
    Great post.