Sunday, 16 January 2011

I am falling in love with red

I am totally falling in love with red colour. 
Everything I want is red.
Red is everywhere.
Red is good, passionate and hot.
Wearing red colour means that you are very creative, passionate and self-confident person.
Red means vitality, power, courage and decidedness.


  1. I totally agree with you. Red is an intense and beautiful color. It adds spice to an otherwise boring outfit too.

  2. i like the second set :) nice to know your blog dear!

  3. i´m totally in love with the sets :)
    greetings from germany ♥

  4. Hey sweety :) Your blog ist so nice! I love it and i follow you now :) Mybe you follow me back? Lots of love <3

  5. Me too! Right now, I'm looking for perfectly red jeans :-) xooxoxo

  6. thank you very much :) you are very nice....all of you :)
    I am going to see your blogs :)
    thank you for visiting....please, check my blog later too